Board of Supervisors Meeting August 4, 2020

Board of Supervisors(BOS) Meeting August 4, 2020

Due to the increase in COVID19 cases in Pennsylvania, the Board of Supervisors meeting will be held virtually via ZOOM at 7:00 PM, August 4th.  There will be no physical meeting at the Township Building.  Rick Arnold, Vice-Chair, will conduct the meeting and the other Supervisors will be in attendance via ZOOM or phone call.  To attend this meeting, please call the office at 570-868-6400 Option 1 for meeting instructions and to register as an attendee to allow the Township to meet State requirements.  If you have a comment or issue to be raised, please discuss this with the Township Secretary at the phone number above.  ZOOM meetings can have a hard cut-off as early as 30 minutes after the start and meeting efficiency is at a premium.